Julie Cooper

Fine Artist



20cm x 20cm, collage on canvas (sold)

Huymayun’s Pariah

100cm x 100cm, oil & pastel on canvas

At the Red Fort

60cm x 70cm,  oil & collage on canvas (not for sale)

Journey to Agra

70cm x 115cm, oil, graphite & collage on canvas (sold)

Scorched Earth

60cm x 70cm, oil on canvas (sold)


60cm x 70cm, oil, pastel & collage on canvas (sold)


20cm x 20cm, oil on canvas (sold)


70cm x 60cm, oil & graphite on canvas (sold)

Fruits i

40cm x 40cm, oil & graphite on canvas (sold)

Dormitory of the Mughals

30cm x 30cm (framed), oil & collage on paper (sold)

The Semal Tree

100cm x 150cm, oil & pastel on canvas (sold)

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